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                                                                                                                                                                                              I.PATROL CAR USAGE


  1. Pursuit:  Officer activates pursuit button; cell phones within a moving two-mile RADIUS* of this patrol car will receive an alert tone followed by a voice notification that a pursuit is nearby.  This alert message will reactivate about every 30 seconds while still in the danger area.  Any new devices entering the notification area will be alerted immediately and again every 30 seconds.  Once outside the notification radius or if the officer terminated the pursuit (On unit), an out of range notification is received with a reminder to drive safely to drive safely.  The civilian can receive up to seven alerts while in the active pursuit area.  The map displays the civilian location, not the pursuit location

a.   Pin drop:  If anything is thrown from the eluding vehicle during the pursuit, (or at any other suspicious incident), the officer presses the pin drop button which locks in that location on the agency portal map.  Other officers can be sent to that location to seize and document the contraband. (Chain of custody)

  1. Emergency: Pressing this button will send a message FORWARD of the moving emergency vehicle for a distance of about three quarters of a mile* to notify cellphone users that emergency traffic is approaching.
  2. Move Over:  Pressing this button will send a message BACKWARD for a distance of approximately a half* mile to notify cellphone users that an emergency vehicle is stopped nearby and to Slow Down and prepare to MOVE OVER.
  3. Critical:  This is for a Critical Incident defined by the agency when civilians need to be notified to heighten ”situational awareness”. The default radius is one mile.* 

* Distance is set by the agency.  Distances mentioned are just defaults.




  1.  Communications personnel can CREATE a virtual patrol car on their map software, and send the warning from that selected point.  The warnings to the public are in real time.  The alert radius sent from that point is configurable the agency, and can be expanded/contracted by the 911 Operator as needed.  This mapping software is independent and does not conflict with any other mapping software and does 
  1. Wrong Way Driver reported nearby.
    1. Drunk Driver reported nearby                                                
    2. Lost child – endangered person
    3. Weather event reported                                                                                                                                                                    continued                    
    4. Flash Flood/Surf advisory
    5. Road closure:  Fire, bridge out, tree down, police activity.
    6. Danger to public:  Active shooter, crime in progress, chemical leak 
    7. Custom message alerts


  1. The DIGITAL SIREN app can be downloaded at no cost from the APP Store.  It can be used by smart phones and tablets, which makes it ideal for school notifications.
  2. Vehicles are more sound-proof than ever.  The siren alert created by the app provides a faster warning with incident specific information  Drivers will be instructed to use caution for the pursuit, emergency traffic, or “move over” warning.  Drivers have no immediate need to look at their phones.
  3. School Crossing Guards and pedestrians: the warning is just as relevant!  
  4. Occupants of special locations:  Schools, day care, medical facilities, parks, community centers need to be aware of local dangers.   APP works in tablets such as iPad.  


  1. Administration decides who can have computer access to Digital Siren/PursuitAlert Web portal.  This is typically desk-top usage.
  1. Agency heads
  2. Patrol supervisors
  3. Public Information Officer      
  4. Legal department – Risk management
  5. Can patrol units see each other’s locations? Agency decision
  6. Uses:   Shows location of every unit with an activated laptop.  Software turns   on/off with computer.  Selected icon will display unit number and  current speed pursuit report including map (start, pin-drop, end), number of Heat map: shows frequency of patrol car travel in any given area for time period selected                    
  7. 7.Patrol mapping of patrol routes and top speed