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I am thrilled to announce my association with “PURSUIT ALERT,” a software product installed in patrol car computers that sends out a warning to all within two miles of an approaching pursuit- if they have the PA app in their smart phone.    I am pleased to say am representing Pursuit Alert in Florida.  I also hope to contact all my law enforcement friends across the country 


Features:  The Public:  

  1. Anyone can download the PursuitAlert APP from the APP store.  
  2. If you   get an alert, you will hear a siren and and a voice will announce the pursuit is in the area.  Once it’s safe to look at your screen  you will see a graphic indicating the area with a flashing graphic.  You should look for a safe place to get off the road and check your surroundings.  (This will only work if the local law enforcement agency has the PursuitAlert units installed in its vehicles.) 


Features:   Patrol Car Use

  1. The officer in pursuit hits one button on the unit (small enough to be attached by velcro) and the message is sent to everyone up to two miles ahead.  The message is repeated about every half minute.  The APP user will hear a siren and see the map on their screen of where the pursuit is in real time.   APP users will then get a message (audio and video) when they are out of range of this pursuit.    Should any item be thrown from the fleeing vehicle, the officer can then hit another button to set the GPS location of this action (aka pin-drop)   The software will summarize all information concerning this pursuit, which will provide the officer with accurate information.  The report will also include how many APP users were notified.  
  2. Emergency Traffic: The officer presses this button to send a message ahead similar to a pursuit, however it verbally warns that emergency traffic is in the area. The APP screen will show a map.   (Also available for non LE emergency vehicles).
  3. Vehicle stop ahead; “MOVE OVER”. Activating this button sends a message from the rear of the car that announces a vehicle stop ahead and to move over.


Features: Critical incidents:  Use by communications personnel:

  1. Wrong way driver, Impaired driver;  communications will send the information warning APP users to watch for the hazard.
  2. Missing children (Amber/Silver alerts)
  3. Road and bridge closures, trees down.
  4. Public Danger: Crime in progress; Areas to avoid


The product can be sold in 2, 3 or 4 year contracts, with the longer contracts costing less.

There are many sources to funding this purchase and I can review those with anyone interested.    I have a PowerPoint presentation I can e-mail to anyone interested.   Please also check out this link to a tv interview with a station in Dayton, OH.


I look forward to my efforts with this life-saving product.